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"What we would have never gotten around to..."

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In January, six families from the church did something that is, according to our culture, crazy. They invited their neighbors into their houses. Two questions come to mind: why, and for what purpose? It must have been some sort of intensive...

“You’ve really made my Monday”

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Last week started like any other week for Kimberley. She was taking care of some paperwork, and needed to call her dentist’s office to pay an upcoming bill: talk about mundane. The conversation with the billing manager started like any other, with an exchange of “Hello,” and a...

I do not give money to strangers

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I do not give money to strangers. I know we all have reasons for not helping. Too busy. Don't like strangers. Don't know what someone is actually going to do with the money. Had a negative experience helping someone in the past. I've had those thoughts go through my head when confronted with...

I'd Rather Have a Goat

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A pony? I’d rather have a goat. What do you want for Christmas? Is there any question that better sums up Christmas in the eyes of kids? Whether it’s a letter to Santa, a list for mom and dad, or that silent wish for a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle with a...

Ugly Christmas Sweaters = Chickens

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There are some families in Bangladesh and South Sudan that are really glad for ugly Christmas sweaters right now. Why? Because we promised that one chicken would be purchased for a family in need for every person who showed up to church this past weekend in an ugly (or otherwise obnoxious)...

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