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"Faithful" quotes

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It took us 30 weeks to work through the book of 1 Corinthians in a series we called “Faithful”, where we saw the ongoing faithfulness of Jesus demonstrated in grace to a remarkably unfaithful people (like us!). Here are ten of our favorite quotes from the series: "The gospel changes...

Christians are insane.

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“If we believe that God is good, sovereign, and holy, and that he has told us to cast our burdens on him in prayer then, where are the public prayer meetings by God’s people? If we are so exercised by injustice and depravity, why don’t Christians flood to church prayer meetings...

I do not give money to strangers

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I do not give money to strangers. I know we all have reasons for not helping. Too busy. Don't like strangers. Don't know what someone is actually going to do with the money. Had a negative experience helping someone in the past. I've had those thoughts go through my head when confronted with...

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