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Of Darkness and Light

A Beautiful Design


We love to search. We search for love, for meaning, for fulfillment. Many even search for “themselves”. But what if there is a God who not only has what we search for, but is what we search for? What if the greatest depths of knowledge and satisfaction are not found inside us, but within a God who completely transcends us?


And what if that God actually made himself known to us?


This Fall, we’ll be exploring these questions using the opening three chapters of the Bible. We’re convinced that if there is a designer, we ought to know the intent of his plans. We invite you to trace the story with us. Come see the beauty of this intricate design.

Summer Psalms: Vertical Living

As Christians, we all live on two planes: a horizontal plane, where we interact with each other, and a vertical plane, where we interact with God. In order to live as God designed us to, we must primarily align ourselves vertically before we'll have any hope of living effectively on the horizontal.

The book of Psalms is full of men communicating with the God who created and upholds the universe, and you might be surprised at what that looks like. This summer, we're looking at Psalms 11-20 and exploring what it means to live vertically.

Jesus is Better

The entire book of Hebrews can be summed up in one simple phrase: Jesus is Better. Better than what? Well...everything. But listen in to get the specifics!


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